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Photo Travel Asia- E Travel Magazine

Photo Travel Asia is about discovering nature and cultures of Asia through photography in Photo Travel Asia.com

Travel Photography

There is a saying that “Travel broadens the mind”. We would add that it also sharpens the power of observation, increases the sense of perception and stimulates our creative perception. All in all, it helps us to be aware and appreciate the world around us.

Travel photography involves a wide range of subjects from nature, people, cultures, to places and not forgeting the delicious local food. Our travel journal is to highlight, share what we see around Asia’s photographic hot spots and  provide practical photography tips to see & capture those moments for you

In Photo Travel Asia we share personal travel and photographic experience around Asia with a special angle for photographers and travelers who want to explore the beauty of Asia with their cameras. There is so much to uncover in Asia, on nature, culture, heritage, food and landscape. Photo Travel Asia will share with readers the places of interest in Asia especially those that are photo worthy.

If you have been travelling but  not familiar with your camera or you have been using the AUTO mode all the times. Why not join us in the regular 2 day professional photography class, course and workshop with John Arifin? Visit www.JohnArifin.com

Welcome to Photo Travel Asia in discovering and sharing the beauty and uniqueness of Asia,




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  1. Hi John, I’m happy to have found your blog. My own wildlife blog is doing very well indeed as a hobby blog. I must give you full credit for getting me off of Auto and enabling me to capture some extraordinary wildlife experiences. I have a long way to go but I’m heading in the right direction. I certainly recommend your workshops to anyone! All the best, David

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